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online David Gough/Courier Press/ Water Wells First spokesperson Kevin Jakubec speaks at a meeting at a Dover Centre farm on Friday. He said rural residents in Dover Township have experienced dirty well water ever since wind turbines went up in the area.

Rural residents blaming wind turbines for dirty water

David Gough Courier Press Laurier Cartier has a $6,000 water filtration system that sits underneath his kitchen sink that is useless because it?s so plugged up with silt and dirt. Cartier, a Dover Township farmer, said his well water has had dirt and grit in it every since wind turbines went up around his Marsh Line property three years ago. It?s so bad that he often has to go to his daughter?s to take a shower. Black water fills up his toilet tank. The degradation of well water is something that is common amongst well water users in Dover Township, said Kevin Jakubec, who is a spokesperson for Water Wells First ? a group of concerned citizens who have concerns about the impact of wind turbine vibrations on well water. Jakubec said he is positive that the sediment in the water in Dover Township wells is due to the wind turbines. ?I?m 100 per cent sure this is due to the piling foundations.? Jakubec said his group is aware of 20 people who are impacted with the dirty well water in Dover Township. He added the wind turbine company that erected the wind turbines in Dover Township, provided filtration systems as a goodwill measure to people who rely on well water. Jakubec said prior to the wind turbines, the well water was good. ?It began on the day of the pile driving of the (wind turbine) foundations,? Jakubec said. He said they have been trying to make the Ministry of Environment aware of the issue. He said there hasn?t yet been any meaningful investigation by the ministry. There is private testing being completed on the well water, Jakubec said, but no results are available yet. Water Wells First held a meeting in Dover Township on Friday to talk with a number of rural residents who have experienced problems with dirt and silt in their water ever since wind turbines were installed. They said prior to the wind turbines they had no issues with their well water. Now, the well water contains fine black flour-like sediment that gums up filters. He said a lot of people have tried to deal with the issue on their own, by buying filtration systems and changing filters monthly instead of yearly. CONTINUED > PAGE 2

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