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WATCH not in favour of Lake Erie water

David Gough Courier Press

Advocate for the homeless


Don Wells thinks there is a need for a homeless shelter in CK

Remembering Montreal


The 25th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre gives pause for reflection

Club puts on Christmas show

David Gough/Courier Press/ Rhyann VanDamme finishes her solo routine at the Wallaceburg Skating Club Christmas Pops Concert held on Dec. 11 at Wallaceburg Memorial Arena. Look inside the Courier for more photos from the event. Add Wallaceburg Advisory Team for a Cleaner Habitat (WATCH) to the long list of people and organizations that are not in favour of changing Wallaceburg?s water supply from it?s current location?the St. Clair River?to Lake Erie. The Courier Press obtained WATCH?s comments on the proposed change that they submitted to an environmental assessment report that is being conducted on Wallaceburg?s water supply system. To prepare for any changes, consultants Stantec Consulting have prepared a municipal class environmental assessment report on Wallaceburg?s water supply. The public can comment and make submissions as part of the environmental assessment report. The report, which was released last month, recommends that Wallaceburg switch it?s water supply from its current location?the St. Clair River?to Lake Erie. This suggestion has brought a strong community response against the Lake Erie proposal, with a tidal wave of Wallaceburg residents, led by Chatham-Kent councillor Jeff Wesley, being vocal about the proposed change. Currently, the majority of Chatham-Kent gets their water from Lake Erie. Wallaceburg and area?s water source is located in the Snye River, just downstream of the St. Clair River. Major infrastructure changes are needed for Wallaceburg?s water supply system. CONTINUED > PAGE 2

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